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Is It Me? Series Breaks Ground: Uniting Women of Color to Tackle Workplace Challenges and Empower Career Growth

Updated: Jun 26

The Is It Me? Series is an annual conference hosted by My Sister's Keeper. It focuses on MSK's pillar relative to supporting women in their professional development and success. Launched in 2023, the Is It Me? Series is already recognized as a one-of-a-kind safe space for women to validate their lived experiences, demystify the workplace, and acquire the tools to better navigate their professional journeys.

The first installment took place July 29, 2023, at InnerSense + Soul - a Black female-owned boutique in Mableton, GA. "It was important for us to partner with as many women of color as possible for the inaugural event. We were so lucky to find Sam Welton and her incredible boutique! Everything about her mission was aligned with MSK - it was kismet!" boasts Trice Stevenson-Wright, MSK's CEO & Founder.

Sam Welton as covered by VoyageATL, September 2019

The venue itself was impeccably outfitted with art and imagery celebrating and empowering women.

2023 MSK Is It Me? Series at InnerSense + Soul, Mableton, GA

Food, drinks, and entertainment were also sourced from Black female-owned businesses and featured:

Divine Drinks - IG @div.inedrinks

P.S., It's Good! Boutique Catering - IG @psitsgoodatl

Chic Charcuterie - IG @chic_charcuterieatl

DJ Queen Entertainment Group - IG @djqueenent

The evening was graced by a panel of four successful female professionals from various industries, led by MSK's CEO:

Each panelist presented a story of a challenge she faced during her professional journey and what she learned from it. There was incredibly engaging and candid discussion about what was really occurring in those situations, with an emphasis on understanding others' motivations in the workplace and how we as women of color can better recognize what's happening and navigate the scenarios.

All the panelists came from very different industries; yet, each of their individual experiences resonated with the audience. MSK's CEO explains: "We were adamant on creating an environment where women felt safe to express both their frustrations and their triumphs. What we found was that many related to the stories being shared and had similar stories of their own. With frequent instances of 'that happened to me, too!' ... the validation alone produced a sense of healing. It was empowering to be able to have a no-B.S. conversation about our shared experiences and how to turn certain challenges into advantages. These ladies left the event with renewed confidence, as well as new friends, mentors, and allies who continue to offer guidance and support in their professional journeys - that was the goal."

This event was more than just a gathering; it was a catalyst for ongoing dialogue and action that will undoubtedly continue to inspire and empower women in their professional endeavors.

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