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My Sister’s Keeper is dedicated to the financial, emotional, mental, and physical well-being of the communities, and celebrates the important contributions that women of color are making within them.

On December 16th, 2023, MSK will host its first Annual SHINE Benefit Gala.  In addition to raising funds for a local nonprofit, we will recognize a selection of nominated women and women-led organizations for the ways they exemplify SHINE (Sisters who Help, Inspire, and Nurture Excellence in our communities).


Saturday, December 16th, 6pm

How to submit a nomination

We invite you to nominate an individual or organization that embodies the spirit of propelling others to achieve greater through their work and generosity. Nominations will be accepted through 5:00 p.m. on Friday, November 10th, 2023. Submit your nominations via email to

Nomination and Award Information  

  1. Nominating is simple - we only require a 300-word description of your nominee. Please provide first and last name and contact information for you and the nominee.

  2. Be as specific and detailed as possible.

  3. You may also submit a testimonial video in place of a recommendation letter (this is not required).

  4. Please nominate someone other than yourself.

  5. More than 1 nomination can be submitted on behalf of a nominee, if submitted by different individuals. Feel free to solicit support from others in the community.

  6. Anonymous nominations will not be accepted.


A woman of color or black woman owned business that has made a demonstrable, positive impact on our community. Cite tangible and quantifiable examples and discuss evidence of dedication, innovation, creativity and vision; include how nominee inspires and motivates others to act charitably. Include details of direct support, including the financial contributions, volunteer activities, number of people impacted, outcomes, etc. Share an inspirational story or anecdotal information; be descriptive. What ongoing activities and overall efforts has the nominee made? What is your honoree doing with other groups?


Nominee embodies integrity and demonstrates outstanding commitment to the community through the development of charitable programs, volunteering, and leadership. Nominees’ contribution is effective, creative, and/or stimulating. Nominee has a history of voluntary service or financial support of nonprofit organizations. Nominee may also have an involvement in advocating for positive communal changes within the community. History reflected of their informing and educating of individuals at a local level that promotes growth and peer leadership from within the community. Provision of political awareness in a relatable way to the community. Nominee carries self in an exemplary manner and consistently demonstrates the pillars of SHINE:

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