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MSK First Annual

Saturday, December 16th, 6pm

Honoring Our Sisters

MSK's Annual SHINE Gala is about honoring Sisters who Help, Inspire, and Nurture Excellence! These women demonstrate consistent commitment to uplifting our communities and encourage us all to reach for the highest levels of achievements.

Nominations now open!

Do you know someone worthy of being recognized for her contributions to the women in our community? Submit your nomination by November 3, 2023, using the program guidelines here.

A Worthy Cause

This year, we're raising funds to support Trust Your Strength, an Atlanta-based nonprofit that works to provide resources to families with children in the NICU.


We need your support! We want to help Trust Your Strength provide some relief to families in the NICU this holiday season.  Imagine not being able to bring your new born home for Christmas - the experience can seem insurmountable.  

Trust Your Strength delivers care packages to hospitals across the Atlanta area, and we want to ensure they are full of the comforts every family needs to take care of themselves and each other.  

Please donate to this incredible worthy cause!  You can contribute at any of the below tiers through the event homepage, or email if you'd like to support by donating products or services.

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